About the CPMC Study 

Launched in 2007, the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative is a long-term research study exploring the usefulness of genetic information in clinical decision-making and health management. A true collaboration, the study – often called the CPMC – is a multiparty effort of volunteer study participants, physicians, scientists, ethicists, genetic counselors, pharmacists, information technologists, and hospital and academic partners. It has nearly 8,500 individuals enrolled and provides personalized reports to participants revealing their genetic and non-genetic risks for complex disease, like heart disease and diabetes, and for likely reactions to medications, such as blood thinners. Study participants are enrolled through partnerships with respected research centers across the nation, including Stanford University, Boston University, and University of Pennsylvania. The study has also been engaged by the United States Air Force to bring personalized medicine to U.S. service members.

In addition to seeking to understand the utility of personal genome information in the delivery of patient care, the CPMC study team is also committed to educating patients, medical professionals, and the public on genomics and personalized medicine. The study also aims to contribute to the evidence-based research required to inform policies and regulations, e.g., third-party payer practices; encourage the development of companion diagnostics; identify new genetic associations; integrate genomic data into both electronic medical records and clinical decision-support tools; and establish recommendations for best practices.

We ultimately believe that the success of personalized medicine depends on its ability to demonstrate its value to the healthcare system, to the industries that develop its products, and to patients. The CPMC research study is striving to be a model for the ethical, legal, and responsible implementation of best practices in personalized medicine. 

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How the Study Works 
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  Health Conditions and Drug Response 
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Genetic Counseling, Pharmacist Counseling

Board-certified genetic counselors are available to talk about your results [ Learn More › ]

Advisory Boards

Two independent, expert advisory boards inform the CPMC study [ Learn More › ]

Collaborative Partners

The CPMC study is supported by renowned centers of medicine and research [ Learn More › ]

Genetic Privacy and Confidentiality

Public policy actions and laws are in place to protect your genetic information [ Learn More › ]

Data and Sample Security

Your information is guarded by state-of-the-art security tools  [ Learn More › ]


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White Papers, Publications

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