Meet the Study Team

The CPMC Research Study Team – with responsibilities ranging from collection and analysis of saliva samples to management of the CPMC web portal, from generation of educational material and personalized risk reports to providing genetic counseling to participants – helps maintain the study's forward momentum. Meet the CPMC Study Team:

Joe Jarvis, PhD

meet-the-study-team-joe-jarvisJoseph Jarvis, PhD, is director of genomic risk reporting for the CPMC study. Joseph leads a team of innovative research scientists and biostatisticians committed to identifying genetic variants associated with risk of complex disease and variability in drug response for submission to both the CPMC's Informed Cohort Oversight Board and Pharmacogenomics Advisory Group.


Mark Bellafante
meet-the-study-bellafanteMark Bellafante is the director of information technology at Coriell and is responsible for meeting all of the technology needs of the Institute. Mark is responsible for providing the proper hardware, software and networking capabilities to the CPMC research study team. He also helps manage the key information technology initiatives critical to the CPMC study's ongoing success.

Leo Jose
meet-the-study-team-joseLeo Jose is the application development manager at Coriell. He oversees all software development at the Institute. Leo also manages the daily information technology activities that support the CPMC research study by working closely with the project scientists and application developers.