How the CPMC Study Works


After providing consent and a saliva sample for DNA analysis, participants activate their personal CPMC web portal accounts and complete detailed online health questionnaires. Specimens are then genotyped in Coriell's Genotyping and Microarray Center using Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified genotyping platforms. CPMC participants are subsequently notified via email that they have access to personalized risk reports identifying genetic variant results, and when possible, non-genetic risk factors, for diseases and drug response. Study participants can decide whether or not to view each potentially actionable condition, as approved by the Informed Cohort Oversight Board (ICOB). Study participants and their physicians can contact – at no-cost – CPMC genetic counselors to discuss their results. Participants are encouraged to share their risk report information with their physicians and complete outcome surveys that will contribute to the evidence needed to determine the utility of genomic information in clinical care. Through the CPMC web portal, participants are also made aware of ancillary research studies in which they may be eligible to participate. 

You can learn more about the CPMC Study process by clicking the links below. 

Informed Consent, Saliva Collection

Before you can participate in the CPMC Research Study, you must go through an informed consent process [ Learn More › ]

Account Activation

Activating your CPMC Web Portal Account is quick and simple  [ Learn More › ]

Health Questionnaires

Family, lifestyle and medical history information inform personalized risk assessments [ Learn More › ]

Genetic Testing

Every person’s genome is more than 99% identical to every other person, anywhere in the world. [ Learn More › ]

Risk Results

Each CPMC genetic result report is personalized and includes key data from your questionnaires [ Learn More › ]


Participants can speak to a board-certified genetic counselor at any stage in the process  [ Learn More › ]

Sharing Results

As a CPMC participant, you control the distribution of your genetic information  [ Learn More › ]

Outcomes Research

We evaluate annual updates to your medical history, family history, and lifestlye information  [ Learn More › ]