Health Questionnaires

health-questionnaires-remadeUpon signing into the CPMC portal with your username and password, you will be taken to your private section of the web portal, called the "My Account" home page, where you will find your online health questionnaires.

As described during the informed consent session, participants are required to complete online medical, family history and lifestyle questionnaires prior to accessing risk results for approved CPMC conditions. This is necessary because your personalized risk assessments are not only based on your saliva DNA test, but also on factors such as your family history, lifestyle and personal medical history.

These questionnaires will take time to finish, but you may complete them in multiple sittings – simply save the page you are working on and continue at a later time. Once your questionnaires are completed, click on the "Completion Confirmation" link to lock in your data.

Your saliva sample will be processed by the CPMC Laboratory Team once your data is locked in.

You will then receive an email notification when your CPMC results are available. To view your results, simply sign in to the CPMC web portal using your username and password. Within "My Account" you will find the "My Results" section. You will receive a result for each condition reported by the CPMC, regardless of your personalized risk.

In addition to using the information from the online health questionnaires to provide individuals with personalized risk information, participants who opt to allow their de-identified data to be used for research purposes will provide scientists studying associations between genetic variants and diseases and/or drug metabolism with valuable data to make new discoveries.