Genetic Counseling, Pharmacist Counseling

genetic-counseling-pharmacist-counseling-mainThe Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative research study has board-certified genetic counselors available to talk with you about the information you may learn as a result of being in the study. If you would like to talk with a CPMC genetic counselor, log in to your CPMC portal account to submit your request. A genetic counselor will contact you to set up a telephone or face-to-face appointment.

Similarly, the CPMC study has engaged with the American Pharmacists Association and qualified pharmacists to assist with pharmacogenomic counseling.

Consulting with a CPMC Genetic Counselor

Before the Appointment

When you schedule your telephone or face-to-face appointment, you will need to check the box beside the statement "I authorize a CPMC genetic counselor to gain full access to my genetic results and medical history questionnaire" under the "Request an Appointment" tab in "My Account." This will grant the CPMC genetic counselors access to your medical history, family history, and lifestyle questionnaires, as well as your genetic results.

The CPMC genetic counselors will use this information to prepare for your appointment so they are best able to answer your questions. If the genetic counselors cannot view your genetic results and medical history, they will not be able to provide you with accurate information about your personal risk.

Before your appointment, review your online CPMC medical history questionnaire and bring any missing, incorrect or incomplete information to the attention of the genetic counselor during your appointment. Pay close attention to information related to the disease you want to discuss with the genetic counselor. For example, if you want to talk about your genetic risk for type 2 diabetes, try to find out if you have any family members who have type 2 diabetes.

We also recommend that you read the health condition summary on the CPMC website that relates to the genetic result you have questions about. This summary may give you some helpful background information and may help you think of additional questions to ask during your appointment.

During the Appointment

The CPMC genetic counselors are here to answer your questions. One of the first things they will do is ask you what questions you have and what topics you want to discuss. The genetic counselor will use this information to guide the appointment. Depending on time constraints, some of your questions may need to be addressed in a follow-up consultation by phone, email or during a face-to-face appointment.

After the Appointment

It is not unusual for people to think of more questions after meeting with a genetic counselor. If you find that you have additional questions, or if you want to talk about another CPMC genetic result, you may choose to schedule another telephone or face-to-face appointment with a counselor.

To schedule a free telephone consultation to discuss your CPMC results with a board-certified genetic counselor, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .