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Hold an event at your base!

A Point of Contact for the CPMC Clinical Utility study is a member of United States Air Force who would like to hold an event on a USAF Base. As a POC you will be bringing this study to your base and help the Coriell recruitment team execute a successful enrollment event. Events are usually 2 days long and consist of 2-3 members of the recruitment team posting at a location.

Role of the CPMC
  • Work with Coriell to understand what is needed to set up an event.
  • Identify high traffic areas and dates to hold the event.
  • Route approval documents to base command.
  • Secure needed material for the on base event(including tables and chairs).
  • Help spread the word about the event! This includes signs, flyers, emails and social media posts.
Who makes a good POC
  • Enthusiastic about the project.
  • Have the time to help coordinate and promote the event.
  • Be available day of the event to escort the Coriell team on base.
  • Active member of the base community.

Complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a POC and holding an event at your USAF AFB