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About the Study

Coriell Globe The goal of the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative™ (CPMC) is to research whether personalized genetic information can be used to improve people’s health. To do this, participants are asked to give a saliva sample that is used to look for genetic variants associated with common diseases and medication response. Participants are also asked to provide information about their health, medication use, family history and lifestyle. This information is then used to create customized risk reports.

Although genes contribute to our risk for every condition, the CPMC™ will only test for diseases that are potentially actionable.

The CPMC™ will create a personalized risk report for each participant. The risk report may help participants better understand that disease risk comes from different sources, only one of which is genetic.

Your personalized risk report will also include information about how your genetics affects the way you respond to certain medications.

This study is called a “collaborative” because it brings together different groups to examine how personal genetic information can be used in healthcare.

We are dedicated to understanding the role of personalized medicine in healthcare. This will take many years to figure out and will rely on the continued involvement of participants.

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